With the Canadian government being frustratingly conservative, we have more reason than ever to want to travel and get out of this country.

We can't afford to go all at once, but we certainly have plans to go as far away as we can as often as we can. Here's a rough guide to our next few years of travel – assuming we can find the time and the money to go. Things change, so this is hardly a firm list; more of a wish list.

Fall 2010: New York City. This one is far from certain, especially since we want to make sure the Early Spring 2011 trip happens. Still, if we can afford the hotel, we should at the very least be able to find enough vacation time to take a long weekend in Manhattan. The alternative is to drive to NB for a family visit.

Early Spring 2011: East Africa. Three weeks split between Ethiopia, Kenya, and Zanzibar. If we can swing this one it should be amazing because the plan is to tour Ethiopia with an Ethiopian friend, and Kenya with our Kenya friend. Nothing like travelling with a "local" to get you off the beaten track.

Late 2011: Malaysia. This one might just be Junkii, but he really does need to get back home more often. I doubt we'll both be able to afford to go, but it would sure be nice to get back there.

We will also likely do a trip to Niagara, either in 2010 or (more likely) 2011.

2012: Brazil. This is at the top of Junkii's wish list, and pretty high up on my own, so we're thinking it might get bumped up. It would probably be a 3 week trip.

After this, our plans get a bit more nebulous, but some of the key spots include Argentina, India/Sri Lanka, San Francisco/Napa Valley, and possibly Israel/Palestine if I can get over my own fears of travelling to the Middle East. I hope I can because any travel docs we've seen on the area make it look like it has gorgeous architecture, beautiful settings, and delicious food.

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  1. Not much more to say….other than Im jealous! Looks like some great trips coming up

  2. Oh. I forgot to mention Tokyo. That will probably be a trip that happens as part of a Malaysia excursion – either next time or the time after that.

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