We're blessed to have such wonderful women in our lives – both those with children and those without – but on this Mothers Day, we wanted to send an extra-special note to a few of you in particular:

  • To Rockr's Mom, who is simply one of our best friends, and a surrogate mother to Junkii whose own Mom is half a world away.
  • To Junkii's Mom, who did a fantastic job raising a sweet and loving man, and who accepts Rockr as a surrogate son, even though we haven't officially come out to her.
  • To Rockr's Step-Mom, who lives too far away (in NB) and who we wish we could hang out with more often.
  • To our grandmothers – both strong women who  have contributed so much to the world.
  • To our sisters, both "Jake & Josh's Mum" – who shows unconditional love to her two boys – and Ling who, while not a mother yet, is so sweet and patient she'll clearly be great when the time comes (she already is a mom of sorts to Junkii's two younger brothers :))
  • To all our mother-friends who aren't blood relatives but who we consider part of our family all the same – Muggs, Meei…

…Happy Mother's Day and loads of love from us – two grown-up boys.

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  1. THANKYOU! I loved this!

  2. margotinto says:

    YAY!! We love having you guys in our family too. I show ReRe pics of you guys so he remembers you between visits, which are far too far apart. mwah!!

  3. Yeah, we need to make more frequent TO-treks – not a hardship, they're always fun. But you can stop by once in a while too, if you like 🙂

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