So it looks like I have tix to the Roger Waters (Former Pink Floyd member) concert. He'll be in Ottawa in October to perform Pink Floyd's the Wall – my favorite rock album ever!

The problem is, I might have two tix too many.

My friend Paul, who I'm going with, was lucky enough to have been selected in a lottery to take part in a presale for tickets through Waters's website. Paul was away though, so it fell to me to run the transaction. He provided me the link, and when the presale started on May 6 at 10:00am, I was right there at the website ready to buy the ONE Pair of tickets allotted to Paul for this show.

I filled out the necessary information as quickly as I could, but when I hit “submit,” the site gave me an error message, saying there was a problem and that I should try again later. I assumed that the site was simply busy with people trying to get tickets and so I tried again, filling out the necessary information. This time, the transaction gave me no problem.

However, I then received TWO confirmations – one for each time I hit “submit” – despite the error message. Sure enough, my VISA got dinged twice, so now I gotta get hold of them to get the second charged reversed. Pain in the ass.

As per the instructions that came with the presale lottery, I should only have been allowed to purchase ONE PAIR of tickets with that link, so I'm hoping this isn't gonna be a problem. We'll see what they have to say.

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  1. Im no expert in Roger Waters, and I personally wouldn't cross the street to see the guy…..but I would suspect that if you do end up with 2 sets of tix, the 2nd set should be very easy to get rid of…….and maybe even for a better price than you bought them for……

  2. true enough, but the problem with this set is that they won't be available until the day of the concert – plus, I'd be very worried that they won't provide both sets, since technically I was only supposed to be able to buy one set. Overall I'd be happier just to have the reimbursement.

  3. […] bringing his production of The Wall – my favorite rock album ever – to Ottawa, I got so excited I ordered two pairs of tickets. Well, technically it was a website error, but evidently that didn’t matter to the good folks at […]

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