I'm 38 – just turned on Sunday. And last week, leading up to my birthday, I wasn't really in the mood to plan anything – drinks, dinner, get-togethers. So I left it.

That was a mistake. By the end of last week, I was kind of getting down in the dumps because my birthday was coming and I wasn't gonna celebrate. Turns out I needn't have worried.

On Friday I went to the Gym for class after work and got big birthday cheers from the instructor. Then I had a shower and met up with my friends who were just finishing up with their yoga class. We called Junkii downtown and the six of us grabbed dinner and a few beers at the Exchange – a new resto-bar where the Elephant and Castle used to be. What a fantastic spot. Great decor, great beer selection, and yummy food that's not overpriced (a rarity in the Market area of downtown Ottawa). After drinks we all trucked back to our home for a few glasses of wine and some more conversation. A lovely evening, all-in-all.

Then on Saturday, a few more friends called me up to see if I wanted to do dinner and a movie. We grabbed some grub at Pub Italia, followed by a quick stint at Starbucks before finishing up with a film at the Rainbow. Kick-Ass lived up to its title.

Sunday was a gorgeous day in Ottawa – another beautiful day – and after birthday calls from my Dad and sister, Junkii and I grabbed our cycles and toured around the city to run a few errands. We picked up our tour books for Ethiopia, Kenya, and Zanzibar and, after a couple of hours on the road, we headed home to crack'em open and to enjoy a beer out on the lanai. So lovely! But we couldn't relax too long. Mom, George, and Nana had plans fro us to feast on Thai food at the Siam Bistro in Wellington Village. Couldn't ask for a better way to spend the day.

Thanks to everyone who helped me celebrate my birthday – even if it was just a note on facebook! Nice to know I have such wonderful friends and family.

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