This weekend, we're heading down to Orleans to spend the weekend testing out new recipes with Mom and George – much as we did back in October. Only difference is, this time we're picking country themes. Junkii and I are concentrating on Greek cuisine. Should be fun. Neither of us has ever tried anything Greek, beyond hummus, maybe.

We should have plenty of photos to share, come Monday.

These "cooking weekends" are fun, but they're a bit of work to organize. And tonight, we were supposed to spend the evening planning out our 4 courses. But, we got sidetracked. After we finished dinner, rather than poring through cookbooks, we headed off to our nearby Kia dealership and bought a car!

That's right, we're the proud new owners of a Kia Forté.

In fairness, we weren't planning to buy tonight, but they gave us a really good deal – with 0% financing. And it really was our number one choice of car going into the whole car-shopping experience. We just decided to truncate the process. Well, why not. we were happy with the car, the price, and the experience. So we put our money down and took the deal.

We'll find out soon when the delivery date is, but the dealer seemed to think it would be a matter of days rather than weeks.

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  1. WOW WOW! Congratulations! How exciting for you guys…….

    And enjoy the weekend….try not to set the curtains on fire with the flaming saganaki….OPA!

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