We finally kicked Rogers/Blockbuster to the curb and signed up for zip.ca (Canada's answer to Netflix). We can have one movie out at a time and unlimited DVDs out per month (or as unlimited as can be expected given the slowness of Canada post and the limited number of days in a month. Guess it will be more like 5-10 DVDs per month if we have a fast turnaround time.)

Our first DVD arrived last Thursday – The Killing Fields – and we watched it on Friday and sent it back – just in time for the weekend, when Canada post doesn't work!

Anyway, it's a pretty good deal. As long as we watch two DVDs a month, it's no more expensive than the video stores – and if we watch more, it's all gravy.

My "ziplist" is getting close to 100 DVDs already, so it will take a while to get though them all. Next DVD was shipped today (The Wrestler). Should arrive by Thursday at the latest.

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  1. Enjoy The Wrestler……I loved it! Finally 1 movie Ive seen that you havent! Johnny and I both loved it.

  2. We watched it last night. What an amazing performance! Great movie.

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