Okay, okay. We’re not waiting for our car anymore. We actually got it last Thursday evening. We just haven’t taken any photos of it yet.

In fact, we have tons of things to take pictures of. We simply haven’t made the time:

  • We have a new car – a black Kia Forté
  • We have a newly planted hedge of cedars to dissuade walkthrough traffic in our condo compound
  • We have a garden full of flowers
  • And to enjoy them, we have a brand new patio furniture set (thanks Dad & Louise, Mom & George, and Nana for the birthday money!)

And yet, despite the fact that Junkii has been spending all his spare time reading about photography and how to best use our fancy camera, we still don’t have any photos of any of these things.

But fear not. They’re coming soon.

Minus One Car
One thing we no longer have is a Honda Civic. The Honda was a good car and we wouldn’t hesitate to buy another (if Kia hadn’t come along) but it was getting a little long-in-the-tooth, and it was starting to cost us a bit too much in maintenance.

So when the fellow who sold us our Kia offered to buy it from us, we jumped at the chance. He met Junkii’s price and he didn’t even want to test drive it or have it safety inspected. Guess it helps that his father owns a garage. We met him on Friday evening and he paid us cash and took it off our hands – no muss, no fuss.

Yeah, Junkii probably could have got more for the car than he did, but the civic had a couple of problems that would have needed fixing first:

  • A faulty seatbelt sensor that was screwing with the airbag would have cost nearly $1000 to fix.
  • A brake noise that probably would have caused any test-driver to balk.

And these things would have needed to be fixed before the car would pass a safety inspection (which could always lead to even more expenses!) So all-in-all, we were better to be rid of it at a slightly reduced price.

And now, we’re back to being a one-car family again. Now excuse me, I need to go dust the car. The black paint shows off every last speck.

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  1. Meei says:

    Totally agree about the inability of black cars to hide dust, mud, scratches. And when you polish/wax you have to be extra careful to get the same shine everywhere.When are you guys coming to visit me again? If I have the room you must spend the night ok? Maybe I'll make some…

  2. You know, you could travel too :)I think Junkii might be home in early 2012 (or late 2011, but he wants to wait until the dead of winter). Not sure if I'll be able to come this time or not. I hope so. And, if you make room…

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