Remember a few weeks ago when we finished painting our spare room and I said that all we needed to do to finish was to put up blinds and a closet door? Yeah, well… evidently I was mistaken.

We headed over to Rona on Sunday to see about getting a closet door and apparently they come in a few standard widths: 48", 60", 72". And if you can buy those standard sizes, they're very reasonably priced at about $300.  Whoever built our house decided to make the closet 52" wide – and to have a door custom made will cost about $1200!

Um….. no thanks.

So, we're left with few options. The most logical seems to be to make the opening smaller to accommodate the 48" door. That will require tacking a 2×4 (or maybe a 1×4?) onto each side of the opening and then adding drywall, mud, primer, and paint. But that's a lot of work and a lot of mess that I really don't want to get into. I'll do it if it's the only option, but certainly not right away.

Another option might be to get a couple of finished boards the same colour as the standard closet door frame – chocolate brown – and just tack those up on each side of the frame. I'm not convinced that would look nice though.

For now, we'll probably shop around a bit and see if we can get a more reasonably priced 52" set of doors. Guess we'll concentrate on getting the window coverings first.

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  1. I didn't read your caption on the picture and I was trying to figure out where in the hell in your house you added these! Teach me not to read carefully!

  2. Actually, when I posted it, it crossed my mind that the image might be confusing. Glad you figured it out.

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