We signed up for a CSA this year – Community Supported Agriculture – which is basically a means of getting fresh local produce delivered to your door. We get a box of veggies every Thursday from a farmer based in nearby Iroquois, Ontario. We're guaranteed to get 16 weeks of veggies!

Today was our second delivery and, while there's still a lot of leafy greens like lettuce, spinach, and chard coming – the produce that matures first – we are starting to see a few more substantial veggies in the box. The cool things about it is that it's always a surprise to see what's in the box on Thursday evening – we're never told in advance. Makes meal planning a little tougher, but we view it as a challenge – to see how we can use these veggies before the next week's shipment arrives.

This week's veggies included a few things we don't eat very often (swiss chard, beets, and radishes) as well as something we've never even tried to cook with: garlic scapes (the curly things in the picture).

Not quite sure what to do with the scapes, but a quick online search yielded a recipe for a garlic scape pesto that looks pretty good, and requires about the amount that we received. So, problem solved. Maybe we'll freeze some if it's good.

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  1. For me, I would need these items to come labelled….I've ever even heard of Garlic Scapes before! I barely know what a beet is!

  2. This food box doesn't have labels. We did sign up for a few deliveries form another CSA last year, and they had posted what was in the box on their website, which was handy – but we're pretty good at figuring it out so far. I work with a bunch of foodies and agriculture nuts, so we can always take a picture and ask them if we can't figure it out on our own.

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