Cottage life is wonderful. You sit around on a dock relaxing in the sun, or floating in the water, you drink loads of booze, you eat grilled hamburgers and sausages (not to mention caseloads of chips), and you avoid anything that resembles work.

What’s not to like?!

We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to rent a cottage with a few friends last week. Last Sunday, after about an hour’s drive from Ottawa, and just outside a little Quebec town called Notre-Dame-de-Laus, we pulled into our cottage for the week. Heading up to the site, we were uncertain about the cottage. We’d seen photos on the website, but anything can be made to look amazing on a website. We really lucked out, though, arriving to a clean and well-kept cottage with plenty of space for the 5 of us – a kitchen, living room, 3 bedrooms, and a full bathroom.

The site also had an outdoor shower (sweet!), a screened-in deck with a dining table, a dock with canoe and paddle boat, and manicured trails to not one, but two nearby lookouts with cozy benches – great spots for getting away from cottage-mates if you needed a break!

The cottage is situated right on the banks of a large river system, and is actually set in a bit of a bay so there’s not much of a current where the swimming happens. All in all, it turned out to be one of the best cottage experiences we’ve had – all the better for the fact that it’s so close. It doesn’t quite compare to our annual cottage excursions to Lake Joseph in Muskoka, but the 5-hour drive makes that one much less convenient.

Then again, maybe it’s good to make cottage visits less convenient.

Our philosophy has always been to live cottage life to the fullest – to live carefree and take a vacation from our concerns; including concerns about dietary restrictions. Well, after a full week of eating ice cream sandwiches at every meal and downing pints of beer like they were water, our waistlines are starting to complain.

This week (and probably the next few after that) is gonna require some serious self-control and gym-time, but we shouldn’t have too much trouble getting back to our goal weight.

At this point, we have few enough opportunities to enjoy cottage life that these off-diet episodes don’t cause too much trouble for us. But here’s the thing. We like cottaging a lot – and we really hope that one day (certainly by the time we retire) we can own our own cottage. If that happens, we’re gonna need to learn to pace ourselves – or else we’ll wind up a couple of fat old men!

Check out the images below for an idea of where we were staying – or see ALL the photos at Junkii’s Flickr account.


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  1. Didn't know you were on Vox, Andrea! Glad you could find some time (you must be busy with preparations) to check out our blog.

  2. What a great trip! The place looks amazing (but the water looks a little chilly)….glad you had fun!

  3. The water wasn't bad actually – better than we usually get at the cottage in Muskoka. It's always cold when you first get into a body of water in Canada, but you get used to it pretty quick.

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