Not knowing what's gonna turn up (turnip?) in our weekly veggie box has added a real sense of play to our nightly meals. We're making every effort to use up all the produce we receive – be it rabe or kohlrabi – even if it's something we've never cooked with before. On more than one occasion, we've had to scour the interwebs for recipes. But it's all very educational, and a welcome change from the usual broccoli and beans.

We prepped the kohlrabi based on a recipe we had in the house already – a grilling cookbook that actually presents it as a recipe for jicama. The cook's tip in the book suggests using kohlrabi as a substitute, though, so why not? We had all the ingredients. And damned if it didn't turn out great! It's a veggie that's definitely worth buying again, if it ever comes available. Might have to wait for next summer now.

We've even found a use for Swiss chard – a somewhat bitter green that I've never been fussy about. But Junkii found a highly-rated recipe that can't have had much more than garlic, butter, and lemon (I didn't see the actual recipe) and it made for a pretty tasty side. Good thing too, since the CSA has had chard in it almost every week since the get go.

And who knew we both like beets??! I always thought the only way to make beets was to pickle them – a lot of trouble and work for someone without pickling equipment. I used up the set that came with our week 1 box by throwing them into our regular grilled veggie mixture (mushrooms, peppers, and zucchini) and they added a really nice earthy flavour. But today I went one better and found a recipe for Harvard beets (oooh, la-di-da!) – basically boiled beets in a sweet and sour sauce.

The sugar in the sauce probably negates any nutritional valure the beets might have, but yum! We'll do that again. Here's the recipe if you're interested:

6 med. sized beets
1/2 c. sugar
1 tbsp. cornstarch
1/2 tsp. salt
1/2 c. vinegar (I used white wine vinegar)
2 tbsp. butter

1. Wash beets; cook until tender. drain, Remove the skins, and cut into thin slices. (Actually, I peeled and cut them into wedges before boiling them. turned out fine!)
2.  Mix the sugar, cornstarch, and salt; add the vinegar. Let this sauce boil for 5 minutes, stirring constantly. Add the butter; pour sauce over the beets and let stand for a few minutes to absorb the sweet sour flavor.

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