Not sure if the people of Catan felt the rumble of the quake (i.e. my hand knocking over the glass of alcoholic beverage) before they were inundated, but I like to think they had a few seconds warning before the floods swept across the tiny island nation. It eases my conscience.

It's been nearly two weeks since the disaster, and only now am I finally able to come to terms with the devastation I wrought, that fateful evening at the cottage. Wheat harvests were decimated. The workers in the ore mines, drowned. The sheep, carried off to sea. And the infrasturucture?! Forget it. The roads, towns and settlements were gone – never to return.

Literally. We actually had to pitch the entire set. Those little cardboard hexagon pieces just don't stand up well to being dowsed in drink.

Think about what happens to carboard beer coasters after condensation seeps in over the course of an evening at the pub, and you'll begin to get a sense of how the game board looked after lord clumsy-thumbs here knocked the contents of his tumbler all over the table. All puffy, soft, and easy to tear.

I can tell you that my fellow players were none too pleased. Not only did it mean no more Settlers of Catan during our cottage stay, and not only did it mean the person who was winning the game (i.e. junkii) didn't get to solidify his victory, but it meant one of my fellow players (i.e. Junkii) is gonna have to help me shell out for a new copy of the game. Maybe we'll take the opportunity to grab one of the expansion sets, to try a few new variants on the rules.

There. I found a silver lining.

Oh! I forgot. There's one other silver lining. Or perhaps it's just a good topper to this tale. Whatever. The best part (or maybe it was the worst, considering it tasted nasty) was that I was actually drinking a pre-mixed drink called a Hurricane. Honest to god!

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  1. Ohh ohh ohh…….let me buy that for you guys for your Christmas present that I forgot to send you last year when you were out of the country! 🙂 Seriously though……Id love to buy that for you guys if you would want it…and I hope you have it before we come to Ottawa so that we can play…if you want to pick it up and me pay you for it in August- or if you want me to buy it and ship it- just tell me what to get…..There- problem solved….and no more hurricanes for you bucko!

  2. Sure! Sounds good to me. You can just hand over the cash when you arrive. We definitely want to have it to play with you and Johnny. I think you'll enjoy it. We'll have to wait for the kids to go to bed first though – it's a little to rule-heavy for young'uns and probably wouldn't hold their interest.

  3. I played last year with you guys and LOVED IT! But definitely not a kids game……Johnny will love it though- that kind of game is right up his alley….Im so excited to buy you something you want/need!

  4. Funny. I don't remember playing. Not that I doubt you. Just another indication that I've had a few too many hurricanes in my life.

  5. I believe it was just red wine 😉

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