Some of our friends from the gym enjoy So You think You Can Dance, so we've started a new tradition. On Wednesday evenings, after step class, we all have a quick shower, head to the food court to pick up some take-away, and then head back to our place to watch the dancers strut their stuff.

We usually wait until about halfway through the episode to start watching. That way we have time to finish our food and we can also fast-forward commercials and non-constructive judge comments (yes, I'm talking to you, Mia!)

Junkii and I have loved the show since the beginning, but it's nice having others to watch it with for a change. We all figure we'd be a good group to replace the ineffectual judges on the Canadian edition of the show. Someone contact the producers!

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  1. I wish I was there…Id LOVE this tradition! Oh…and as for Mia…she may not be effective….but she is a FAR CRY better than that idiot Mary Murphy. WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO….Im SO happy not to listen to her voice this year….fingernails down a chalkboard

  2. That's true. Mary was pretty worthless. I wish Mia wasn't there though – more because I want her to choreograph more stuff.As for the other two, Nigel almost always has worthwhile comments to add, and I've really been impressed with Adam this season. When he first became a judge he was just queeny and overly dramatic. He still has bouts of that, but he's given a lot better feedback this season. Guess someone had a talk with him.Now if they'd just talk to our useless Canadian judges…

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