I totally got out of this habit while I was traveling in Asia. Some of you are probably saying "Good! Don't start up that nonsense again." Well, screw you! I reserve the right to put any crap I want on this blog.

And to those who are partial to the earworm – as always, feel free to share your own!

I remember hearing Big Country's "In a Big Country" back when it came out, and my sister and I were totally blown away by it. The band came out of nowhere (and disappeared just as quickly, at least from our North American shores) with a great high-energy song with guitars that sounded like fricken' bagpipes! What's not to like about that?

I grant that, while the song is still great, it hasn't aged well. Like most '80s tunes, it needed an update.

Enter Ha HaTonka. I recently heard their cover of this classic, and it's been stuck in my head. The tempo drops substantially, but they incorporate a mandolin – so there's still a vaguely celtic feel to it. It's a solid cover. Check it out.

Ha Ha Tonka – In A Big Country

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  1. I like it! It is very good….I liked the mandolin in it alot…..im not sure i would have enjoyed it as much without the madolin….thanks for posting it….

  2. I wanted to like Jar of Hearts, but it didn't stick with me. Perri's live performance on SYTYCD left me cold.

  3. i do HATE the line "your gonna catch a cold…from the ice inside your soul"….but I do like the song in general

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