We have a very narrow garage – wide enough to park a car, but not much else. And yet, we continue to fill it with stuff – like firewood, garden hoses, and bicycles.

Most of that stuff is pretty stable, but not the bikes. They have kickstands, but they can be pretty wobbly, and that's caused trouble in the past. With our last car, there was more than one occasion when one of us tried to squeeze between the car and the bicycle and wound up knocking the bike over onto the car. Needless to say there were a few scratches on the old girl.

So when we got our new Kia (Oh my god, we still haven't taken pictures!) we needed to find a way to minimize the risk. There's not enough room for a bike rack, but Junkii came up with a crafty yet simple solution: bungee cords. they have big hooks, which make it easy to attach them to something stable, and they're easy to clip on or off the bike!

Problem solved with nothing more than a trip to the dollar store!

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