I can't find today's earworm – or at least the version that's stuck in my head. The song is easy enough to find – it's called "Friday on My Mind" and was originally released in 1966 by the Australian band Easy Beats.

There are even a few notable covers, including a good one by David Bowie. But the version I have in my head is the version being used in the latest release of the BodyStep aerobics program.

The version is by Bodytronixx – which is one of the many copy cat groups that the makers of BodyStep use to get around copyright laws. Trouble is, I often like the fake versions of these songs better than I like the originals. And they're usually pretty hard to find online.

So here's the original version, in case you want to hear it. The version I have in mind sounds more current and is a bit more electronic in terms of instrumentation – but essentially it's the same song in terms of lyrics and chord changes.

Friday on My Mind – Easy Beats

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  1. Never heard it….and never want to again

  2. You will hear the Step version when you come to Ottawa!

  3. I have the same song stuck in my head since last night, thanks to Ron singing that tune around the house. I agree, the original is not as good as the one that's in Step. ~j

  4. can hardly wait to hear it!

  5. So have you heard the new Kesha song- Take it off? They sample that old diddy we used to sing "There's a place in france where the ladies used to dance"…Everytime i hear it it reminds me of you…..in a good way! Its actually a pretty good song too…..

  6. HA! I just googled it. Yes – that's the same tune. I don't like when pop songs quote from children's music. I find "Ring around the Rosey" gets overused in pop – I can't think of specific examples right now, but you often find it a little ad lib somewhere at the end of a song. Plus something about Kesha bugs me – I think it's that she sounds like she's sneering when she sings. Or maybe it's just her valley girl accent. I liked Tik Tok (tired of it now) but haven't really heard much else form her worth listening to.

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