Junkii has long been a Mac convert. He switched over completely from Windows machines more than a year ago and hasn't looked back. As always, I'm more reticent of change (well, I am older after all), but I think my time with Windows is coming to an end; at least at home. My workplace shows no signs of a switch.

Junkii has basically said that, when my Windows machine goes kaput, he's going to stop providing me with IT support for Windows. So it looks like I'm going to need to switch to Mac.

I've been prepping – saving my sheckles. I'm torn between going out immediately to buy a new iMac and waiting for the next version of the iMac to hit the store shelves. Problem is, we don't know exactly when that's going to happen because Mac is so tight-lipped about what it's working on. But based on past releases, the internet is abuzz with rumours that Mac should release the next version within the next 6 months.

Do I wait? My windows machine is slow, but it's pretty stable. And the longer I wait, the better prepared I'll be financially. But if I buy it now, I'll have a brand new shiny machine!

I'll probably wait, but there is a bit of an incentive to buy soon. Mac has a back-to-school special on right now and, if you buy a new Mac computer, you get a substantial credit towards an iPod  – a different $ amount for each model of iPod. So I could get an iMac and grab myself an iPod Touch – which would be great for watching TV/movies on my lunch break.

Only trouble with this plan is that I'm also considering switching over to a full cell phone plan (I've always used a pay-as-you-go service) and getting myself an iPhone4 – assuming they fix the reception problem with that phone. If I do that, I won't have much need of an iPod touch.

Decisions, decisions.

Whatever happens, I'm definitely gonna need a primer on my new iMac. Junkii has identified several places around town where I can take a "Mac for beginners" course. And I really think I would benefit from it. Yeah, I've fiddled with Junkii's iMac, but it really does seem to be quite different animal from what I'm used to (Windows) and I'd be happy to shorten my learning curve.

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  1. so exciting…you wont regret it….Its changed my life- literally

  2. That's what Junkii keeps sayin'.

  3. hes a smart man….listen to him!

  4. jaklumen says:

    Why not switch to a user-friendly Linux distro, like Ubuntu or openSUSE? Tons cheaper!

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