Right now, my earworm has been drowned out by some bagpipe music. Every day at around 10am, from my office window, I can hear the honour guard coming up Elgin Street on their way to the changing of the Guard. Today is no different and, as I sit here composing this post, I realize that it's a bagpipe tune stuck in my head. I don't know the name of the tune however, so I can't post an accurate sound sample.

I had to laugh at myself on Monday morning though. I woke up with a very strange earworm – have no idea where it crept in from. It was one of those godawful '90s dance hits (à la "Mr. Vain", "The Power", "What is Love", "I've been Thinking about You" … you get the idea). I woke up to the strains of "Where do you Go" by No Mercy. I don't like this song. I've never liked this song. The 90s was a period that I refused to listen to club hits. And yet, these songs have creeped into my consciousness and emerge now and then to mock and upset me.

And now I realize, in typing this and finding this sound sample, it's back in my head. Blast!

Where Do you Go – No Mercy

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  1. Maybe to get that gawdaweful song out of your head you can call your cousin S and ask her to borrow some of her highland dancing CDs……just a thought

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