A few years back, my Dad found a great cottage spot on Big Rideau Lake (near Perth, ON) that is available as a rental property. He has rented it a few times now (3 or 4) and it's always nice to have another option for a quiet week at a cottage.

This summer, Dad's not visiting the National Capital Region, but my sister – who spent a few days at the cottage with Dad last summer – has decided to rent the place for a week during her visit from Texas. So we were at the cottage this past weekend.

It's a great spot, and I'm sure I've written about it before – but it's ideal for our two young nephews. There's a big yard, a sandy beach with a very gradual drop-off, plenty of beds, a fire pit, a boat, a canoe, and two docks for casting fishing rods.

Now, with two busy and playful kids around, it's not our regular cottage lifestyle – sleeping, reading, swimming – but with two parents and two grandparents (My Mom and Step Dad are also spending the week) to share the workload, it is just possible to get a little down time as we take turns entertaining the boys.

We're back in Ottawa for the work week, but we were able to take a few shots of life around the cottage on Monday.

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  1. Well done, I like this blog & great pictures. Takes my memory back to when you guys & Shawna & Gavin were that age and went went fishin'. Brings a tear to the eye

  2. Any time I think of the 4 of us as kids, I remember the time we rented a cottage/cabin in (I think) PEI and you guys joined us in your camper. Good memories.

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