Wow, this 30-day challenge starts with a whopper of a question – especially for a music lover, like me. How do you pick one song out of 38 years of music – or more, actually, since I’m not limited to songs made in my lifetime.

When a song is truly great, it gives me an actual visceral feeling in my gut. There’s usually some chord progression or some vocal turn that twangs at my heartstrings. But the worst part is that the feeling can be so fleeting. I can love a song for a few weeks, but usually, I overplay it. And as I get used to hearing it, that visceral feeling diminishes to a point where the song drops off my ‘favorite’ list. (Heh, like I keep a physical list.)

Over the years, I’ve loved countless songs this way, but it was back when I was a teenager that I actually came to this realization: that there were a few songs where that feeling really stuck with me for a protracted period of time. There were two songs in particular that helped me realize this: Easy Lover by Phil Collins and Philip Bailey, and Material Girl by Madonna. Strange choices, I know, but I’m trying to be honest here. Neither of those songs has stuck with me until present day, but back in my teens, they were to die for!

It doesn’t happen very often, though – having a protracted run at the top. Often enough that I can’t keep track of all the songs that have done it, but it’s certainly not the norm. So before I get to my favorite, I thought I’d list a few.

A few of old favorites that have since fallen off the list:

And here are a few that are still currently on the list:

Okay – the list could go on and on – and really, who cares except for me. I just ask you not to judge me based on this – I like a lot more music than this mainstream stuff. I’m just trying to limit the choice here to pop/rock songs.

And the challenge is to pick just one. So, keeping in mind I think this is just silly, I guess I’ll have to go with Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb. I’ve loved it for a long time and it’s still fantastic. Gilmore’s vocals are so plaintive, and his guitar solo (the first one) is one of the most beautiful I’ve heard in any piece of music.

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  1. Not to be critical- but Freedom wasn't Wham…..just George Michaels……just fyi…..And Im not surprised to see Easy Lover there for you……I expected For the Longest Time by Billy joel to be honest (or at least something from Billy Joel as he was a huge part of discovering rock/pop for you).

  2. Didn't ask, but happy to know it. I knew you love the song Nightswimming. I'll have to check out NFG and MCR – I don't know either band. Yes, Billy Joel still makes me smile. Those lists are faaaar from complete though. Elton John would probably make several appearances as well.Freedom WAS Wham. You're thinking of Freedom'90 – which was a good George Michael song in itself, but the more power-poppy Freedom was better for me. Click the link to hear the song if you forget what it sounds like.

  3. Oh SNAP! You are right…I dont want your freedom…I dont want to play around….my apologies! NFG is quite punk….MCR is more hard rock…..not sure if either would trip your trigger…but the lead singer for MCR does something for me in that crazy goth kind of way……. yum

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