I generally don’t find these posts to be too embarrassing. I mean, how can you really control what song gets stuck in your head? You can’t control what your ears are subjected to at all times, so it’s easy for something silly to creep in. And if it’s a song you don’t like, well, tough nuts.

But I’m a bit embarrassed by today’s earworm.

I blame the blogger from whom I stole the 30-day challenge. He listed it as his favorite song – well, technically, the first song he can remember as being his favorite, back when he started to like popular music: Nobody by Sylvia.

Nobody was a #1 hit on the country charts in 1982 – which would have put it smack in the middle of my own upbringing in country music. That’s right, both my parents are country music fans – what was I to do? Thankfully, my sister eventually blazed a trail to rock/pop, but in 1982, I was definitely being assaulted with C&W.

Since clawing my way out of the mire, though, I’ve largely put that period of my musical life behind me. I’ve forgotten more country music than I remember. And, until I saw this YouTube video, Sylvia was among the casualties.

But it all came roaring back when I pressed play. And here it sits in my brain today.

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  1. Cheer up…it could have been worse…it could have been Charlene – Im never been to me……which I actually thought was Sylvia and thought THAT was what you were going to post…..oh the one hit one named wonders are getting mashed up in my brain.

  2. When I first heard Bieber on the radioI thoguht "That's a lot of 'Baby's – what kind of crap is this?" I thought it was just me being old and grumpy.Glad to know someone else hears it too.

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