After 4 years as a committed member of vox, that blogging platform is going the way of the dogs. So we’ve pulled up stakes and moved our blog to WordPress. You’ll find us at

There’s good news in this change, as well as a few negatives:

  • I use WordPress to manage my work website, so I’m already pretty familiar with the interface – although there’s still plenty to learn.
  • WordPress made it very easy to import all our old blog posts from vox – although all the photos are now larger and all the video disappeared.
  • WordPress makes it possible for anyone – even people without accounts – to post comments on your blog, but it’s also more prone to spam.
  • WordPress makes it easy to edit stuff in HTML – which can be a big help when things aren’t showing up right.

I’m gonna postpone the blogger challenge for a few days while I sort out some of the behind-the-scenes stuff on this blog, but I’ll be back at it again pretty soon.


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  1. jandjsmum says:

    I also like that you can export from wordpress to programs like Blurb….Im planning to do this with my blogs to make a book (r 2 or 3) out of my last 3 years here……

  2. freedomsmith5 says:

    Hi, just stopping by to say hello!

  3. Phil Dame says:

    I just started a new blog on Posterous ( so I’m getting asked why I chose it over WordPress. I didn’t give WordPress a (recent) review to compare it fully yet but probably should again to be sure. There’s definitely a few things I think Posterous does quite well which are unique to that service. I’ll have to blog about it. One thing I noticed on your new Wodpress blog is that it has Google Ads. Did you consent to those being there or it’s automatically included? I ask as I didn’t see them on Cheryll’s new blog.

    • Rockr & Junkii says:

      Hey Phil – sorry for the delay, Junkii and I were away for the weekend. I’m not sure what Ads you’re referring to. We certainly didn’t change any settings to allow ads to appear, but there might be something we need to change to disallow them – only neither of us see ads. We’ve looked at the blog using Firefox, IE, and Safari, and don’t see anything. Can you be more specific about what you’ve seen? Cheers!

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