Anti-Social Butterfly

I don’t know when Junkii and I became social butterflies (or moths, anyway). Personally, I was a pretty awkward kid growing up – shy and reserved. So I’m not quite clear why so many people now want to hang out with me.

That’s not a complaint – we love our friends; the whole lot of them – but it’s becoming harder and harder to find time to fit in face-time with everyone.

Here’s a sample of this week’s schedule (keeping in mind that we just got back from a long weekend at a cottage with our friends S&K):

  • Tuesday: Heading to the gym after work for a quick workout before hightailing it to Costco to pick up a few essentials, then it’s a birthday dinner for S (of S&K) with all our gay friends!
  • Wednesday: I think this is the only day this week we’re not socializing, buit that doesn’t mean we’re not busy. Wednesday evening brings more gym time, followed by making a meal plan for the week and the always-fun run to the grocery store. Should be back home just in time to go to bed.
  • Thursday: Quite possibly hitting a bar for happy hour drinks with some work mates and to celebrate the upcoming marriage of two close colleagues. All that must be done by 8:30 so that we can make it home for our weekly SYTYCD Canada screening with the girls.
  • Friday: umm…I’m sure there’s something that I’m forgetting. I have a doctor’s appointment. Who are we kidding? Friday evening is always busy.
  • Saturday: Our friend E is coming over to our place with a gang of our friends for a potluck birthday celebration.
  • Sunday: Tentative plans for DimSum brunch with yet another set of friends – plus we need to find some more gym.

This hectic pace seems pretty standard. Oh well, winter is coming – and that usually means hibernating at home with lots of blankets and a roaring fire. Which reminds me – I need to make space in the garage for more lumber.

Add that to the task list.


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  1. Freedom Smith says:

    I ADORE the “anti-social” butterfly. What a terrific picture 🙂

    You two are so busy. Wow. If I had just a tad of you energy!! Sounds like you have some great and fun friends. I would have to claim a few nights to stay home or I might fall over.

    Enjoy your week. I hope you have a great time at all of your events.

    Did one of you draw the butterfly? I just love it. Come by and visit my blog sometime!

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