Weekend view

Here’s how the last couple of weeks have played out: more than a week of unusually gorgeous, hot and sunny temperatures, leading into a rainy and cold three-day-weekend, followed by a hot and sunny first-day back to work. Now, guess when we went to the cottage.

That’s right, the cottage gods pulled no punches. Clearly we weren’t meant to enjoy our Muskoka getaway (Just Google-map Port Sandfield Ontario, and you’ll see where we were). But we had the last laugh. We don’t NEED sunny skies to have fun at the cottage. We had food (chips, beer, cookies) books, games (Settlers of Catan, Euchre), British comedy, and great company.

The big task for the weekend was to learn our new Settlers of Catan expansion pack. We usually play the Cities and Knights expansion pack – it’s our default – but my sister bought us the Traders & Barbarians expansion pack for Christmas (last month) and we set about trying to learn it. The set contains a bunch of different scenarios that you can add to the regular game, and we managed to learn three new scenarios. There are still a couple left to learn, but you can only play so much settlers in one weekend.

We also taught Junkii how to play Euchre. He grasped it fairly quickly. Still needs a little more practice, but Nana will be happy to help school him. It will give us something to do when we visit.

Other than those two pieces of business, we really had no goals for the weekend, except to relax – and that was easy to do. The skies did clear on Sunday enough for us to get out for a nature walk, but we spent most of our time just being lazy lumps and packing on the pounds. Time to get back to the gym and onto the Weight Watchers regime.

Here are some pics – and you can find more at our Flickr account.

Viewof the Lake

Crown Float - the drink of the summer

Flowers by the Boathouse

Soldiers about to fall

Can & Catan

Quiet Time



7 responses »

  1. jandjsmum says:

    Love it! And glad Junkii can now play Euchre…..Ill look forward to next year when we dont need chatty cathy to be the 4th! Also, how di dyou lable your photos? I was looking to figure that out but wasnt successful…..

    • When you insert a photo, you fill in the “caption” line (in among all the other stuff like title, alt text, size, alignment, etc) – and that should put the label on it. If that’s not clear, I can walk you through it with some screen shots.

  2. jandjsmum says:

    Thanks! I guess I just overlooked that…..will try that the next time I blog

  3. Awesome photos, as usual! 🙂 Love the colours in the dock/water shot. It was a great weekend, for sure! When can we go again?? 😉

  4. Steve says:

    I love the photos, especially the “Viewof the Lake” and the dock. I’ve probably seen a hundred photos of those views all exactly the same, expect you managed to capture them differently. Also, did you use some type of filter because the colours are really interesting.

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