Okay, I guess our new blog is running smoothly enough that I can return to our regular features: back to this challenge thingie.

Truth told, this is one entry I had been stressing about. So it was kind of a relief when Vox shut down. It gave me a bit of time to reflect. I mean really, how was I supposed to pick a favorite TV show with nearly 40 years of stellar programming to choose from (don’t mention the scores of dismal failures that accompanied those successes – they’re not important)?!

Some of my current must-see TV includes Dexter, Weeds, Top Chef, True Blood, and Big bang Theory, but how could I forget the countless shows I watched religiously for years: Star Trek TNG, ER, The Wire, The Simpsons (even if it HAS dwindled to a shade of its former self, it still rocked in its heyday), The Golden Girls, The Gilmore Girls… just to name a few. And what about those little one-season shows that were wonderful but just never caught on: My So-called life, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Max Headroom (I might be mis-remembering just how good that last one was)?

With that kind of choice, was it any wonder why I was having trouble narrowing this subject down even to a respectable top 10?

But over the weekend, I had a breakthrough. With inclement cottage weather, we were stuck indoors much of the time, and we introduced our hosts to a British sit-com that we hadn’t watched for a few years: Coupling (the fastest way to describe it is “kinda like Friends” – but it’s actually much much sharper and funnier).

Re-discovering that series has reminded me once more just how amazing BBC comedy can be, and I think I’d go as far as to say that the bulk of my favorite shows are British comedies: Spaced, Black Books, The IT Crowd, Fawlty Towers, Red Dwarf, Little Britain, Absolutely Fabulous, The Young Ones.

But of all the brilliant BBC series, there’s one that stands apart. It was the first one I really watched, and the one that got me hooked: Blackadder.

Aside from a few unforgettable specials in later years, Blackadder ran for 4 seasons – 6 episodes each. Each season was set in a different time period (Medieval England, Elizabethan England, Georgian Era England, World War I) with the same actors playing different reincarnations of the same characters. The writing was sharp, and the series ending was one of the best finales ever.

So there you have it. My favorite TV Series: Blackadder.


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  1. jandjsmum says:

    You forgot to give an honorable mention to Keeping Up Appearances……I LOVE that show! And Im glad to see you called out My So Called Life…..

    That would be a tough one to answer….but I might have to go with something shallow like St. Elsewhere…….

    • I never watched St. Elsewhere. I wonder why not? I like medical dramas. Oh well – blame it on youth.

      Yeah, Keeping up Appearances, One foot in the Grave, Drop the Dead Donkey – all great BBC shows – but second-string for me. Still, that puts them head and shoulders above crap like two and a half men.

  2. jandjsmum says:

    How in the hell does 2 1/2 men stay on TV????? Its TERRIBLE!

  3. Oh wow, I definitely am not ready to answer that favourite tv show question (so don’t ask!). I never saw Blackadder. I’ll have to add that to my list of shows to check out!

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