Jonathan Rhys-Myers

I’m not the type to go about spouting clever quotes for other people – I don’t think I have a favorite quote. But I am the type that likes to sing random lines from good songs. And what are lyrics, really, but quotes set to music?

You guessed it, I’m changing this category to “favorite lyric.”

“The slap on my ass by a lipstick-kissed elbow glove”

I don’t know if this is my “favorite” favorite lyric – it’s an obscure line in and obscure song (The Ballad of Maxwell Demon) from an obscure movie (Velvet Goldmine) – but it’s such a vivid description and such a creative turn of phrase that I actually listen for it every time I hear the song.

And I don’t generally listen for lyrics. I’m generally more about the music.

The song is by a group called Shudder to Think, and they wrote it specifically for the film (which is about a David-Bowie-type glam rocker), but I can’t even show you the film-clip because the lyric appears in the second half of the song and it’s not included in the film. It’s only available on the soundtrack.

But here’s the scene it’s from, followed by the original song from the soundtrack.


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  1. Freedom Smith says:

    I adore quotes and lyrics, which as you said, are much the same thing. I have noticed a trend among teens to put song lyrics as their status’s on facebook. The humorous thing about that is that some of us do not now when they are posting lyrics and when they are not. I think they should refer to the song that the lyrics are from.

    I love the picture you posted with the quote! What a fantastically fabulous outfit. What fun to watch and I bet it was fun to wear!!

    • Rockr says:

      I like the Lyric-statuses. I find it fun to try to guess the song (although, as you say, I often don’t know which song it’s from).

      • Freedom Smith says:

        There have been a few times when I have seen a teenager put really very sad or even suicidal lyrics and everyone goes into panic mode and then they say, “They are just lyrics.” And I wonder, how will we know when they are real?

  2. jandjsmum says:

    Im not a quote person either….I just always forget…but I can always remember The Princess Bride…and often quote that one…..”Stop it! I mean it!”…”Anyone want a peanut?”

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