Our Dark Grey FatBoy Original

I know I said I wouldn’t bother with the “Whatever Tickles your fancy” entries for this 30-day blog challenge, but what the hell. I’m starting to get into the spirit of this thing. And it gives me a chance to blog something off-topic. So what tickles my fancy? Our new FatBoy!

That’s right. Junkii and I bought a FatBoy.

Now, before you get all worried (or excited?) you should know that FatBoy is a brand of beanbag chair. Our new furniture arrived on Friday – just in time to provide extra seating for a potluck party we hosted on Saturday evening. Guests gave it mixed reviews. The most common opinion seemed to be “Sure, it’s comfy, but it doesn’t go with the décor you’ve worked so hard to establish.”

Even Junkii isn’t completely sold on the idea. But then, he hasn’t had a real chance to enjoy it yet.

Okay, I’ll grant that it looks a bit out of place in our living room, but it doesn’t need to be there all the time. It will live upstairs and – since it weighs almost nothing – I can easily carry it down to the stereo when I need it.

You see, the main reason for owning a beanbag is to provide a comfortable spot to sit when I listen to music. My old roommate used to have one, and I could have spent days there. Beanbags just conform to your body and cradle you; the perfect setting for listening to music. I’ve wanted one for over 10 years, but just never got around to finding a good one.

Well, last time we went to the Nordik spa, they had acquired a bunch of outdoor FatBoys for lazing around in after your steam bath. Sooooo comfy. I knew then and there that we would need to get one!

Last night, while Junkii made dinner, I got my chance to try out our new FatBoy. It was better than I remembered. Now I just need to get a set of noise-canceling headphones to block out the kitchen clatter and I’ll be set.

The bonus – when you turn it sideways, it’s big enough to seat two comfortably, and it will mean we can move closer to the fireplace once the blustering winds of winter get here. How cozy!


7 responses »

  1. jandjsmum says:

    I love them! we’ve wanted to get 2 for the boys- we just haven’t….so YEAH for you!

  2. margotinto says:

    OK, that thing had better be incredibly comfortable, because it is an aesthetic abomination.

  3. I can vouch for it being comfortable! Although I sucked at positioning it correctly for maximum comfort – I usually ended up lopsided and falling off in my attempts. It’d be perfect for cozying up to the fire together.

  4. Meei says:

    It’s true. Me luv bean bags too. They are incredibly comfortable. Also you could sit a young baby in it (on it?) and she will be well supported.

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