I just got back from the dentist (always fun) and it’s been brought to my attention that a lot of you seem to stand in front of the mirror when you’re brushing your teeth.

I used to do that – when I was a little kid!! I broke the tether a long time ago. Now when I brush, I usually go sit at my computer and surf the web, or do something productive.

I seem to recall that Junkii found that strange when we first started dating, but he has long since been converted, and usually stands behind me watching me surf the web.

So, do you wander while brushing, or are you tethered to the sink?


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    • Rockr says:

      Not surprising. I’ve seen you tell the kids to “get back to the sink” – so I assumed you do the same. I think there’s gonna be a majority of tethered people. We’ll see.

  1. I’m a wanderer at heart, but I’m usually tethered because Steve needs a mirror (we’ve had this very discussion and he really does!) and I like having company when I’m brushing my teeth.

  2. Freedom Smith says:

    I stand at the sink in front of the mirror, so that I can spit the sudsy toothpaste out while I am brushing. if a good show is on, I will step into my bedroom to sneak a peak and then finish brushing my teeth. I know I need to floss but I am not good about it. My toothpaste is too “hot” to walk around the house. I don’t want it in there that long!

  3. Lex says:

    I’m tethered. I’m also a little messy, so the sink is the best place for me.

  4. Meei says:

    Man… you two are weird…… do you still brush with a dry toothbrush?

    For statistical purposes, I brush in the kitchen, wandering between the sink and the fridge. 😉 I need a sink, not so much the mirror….

    • Rockr says:

      Is it because you need to spit partway through? We all need a sink in the end (or I suppose a toilet would work) but while we’re brushing, the sink pretty much goes unused.

      And to answer your question, I don’t NEED to wet my toothbrush first, but I often do anyway.

  5. Just browsing pages and stopped by 😉 Loved that you asked that question. I am a wanderer and everyone who visits me and sees it, is laughing heartily.

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