There’s certainly no shortage of recent photos of me. Junkii has discovered a passion for photography, and I’m a very convenient subject. That wasn’t always the case – I used to dread having my photo taken; low self esteem and all that.

But now, because it happens so often, I’m getting more comfortable with having my photo taken. I’m increasingly accustomed to seeing myself in photos.

It helps that Junkii is so strict about only keeping (and posting on Flickr) his best photos. I only ever see flattering photos of myself. Hence I’ve come to believe I’m quite photogenic.

Here’s a recent shot of me that Junkii calls my “catalgue shoot.” That’s right. I’m an Abercrobie & Fitch model. Well, maybe if I was 20 years younger, and had no shirt or chest hair.

The photo was taken only about 2 months ago.


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  1. Freedom Smith says:

    w00t, w00t!! “Work it” You look awesome….still could be in the catalogs! Great photo.

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