Enjoying Fish & Chips at a cold park in Brockville

I’m actually typing this on my iPhone on Friday evening as we hurtle towards Toronto for Nuit Blanche. I’ll put off posting it until we get home; no need for the world to know we left our house empty all weekend.

We’re just past Port Hope and Junkii has taken over the driving duties; rested and alert following a little after-dinner snooze.

And it’s dinner I want to write about here. Using his Restaurantica iPhone app, Junkii identified an awesome restaurant in Brockville – Don’s Fish & Chips. Stellar! Friday evening fish dinner.

Best fish and chips ever; only downside is that they have no seating on-site, so we had to find a spot at a nearby park. The food was well worth the discomfort of sitting outdoors – looking like a couple of homeless dudes – while the cold, October wind whipped around us. Our hands were cold, but our tummies were happy.

Definitely a spot we’ll return to – preferably on a warm summer evening.

Can we come back when it's warmer?


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