The golden light of the late afternoon sun... Now available at 11 a.m.

Did I mention we bought a reflector kit for use with our camera? Our hope is that it will come in handy when we’re taking photos in the harsh daytime sun of East Africa.

We had some time (and the right conditions) to test it out during our Thanksgiving cottage adventure. This thing is huge. It does fold into a handy carrying case, but when it’s fully open, it’s actually kinda hard to hold onto in a strong breeze. Turns out it’s very useful, though. It can serve as a reflector (with silver, white, and gold surfaces to help eliminate shadows and add some colour) or as a diffuser to reduce shadows caused by harsh overhead light.

You can see in these couple of photos how the gold reflector and the diffuser can lead to nicer images. Definitely a good investment – especially since we bought it on Amazon from a little upstart Canadian company that was charging a fraction of the price the big Canadian Photography store (Henry’s) wanted for a similar product.

A good deal on a useful piece of equipment = yay for us!

This was taken with the diffuser blocking the bright noon-hour sun.

Here's the "before" shot, for reference.



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  1. Definitely better with the diffuser! We’re not all squinty and bleached out.

  2. I agree that this is an essential part of one’s photography kit. I bought a similar kit (reflector and diffusers) but it cost way more ;).

    It’s amazing how well the diffusers work. It’s even better than placing people in the shade and using a reflector. The light is so soft and even.

    I had posted a blog entry about my experience here:

    • RoC(k)r says:

      My friend Kerry asked via facebook how a solo photographer manages to use a diffuser. I didn’t have an answer for him. Any thoughts, Phil? Is it feasible, or do you require an assistant to hold it (especially on a breezy day)?

      • The reflectors are hard to manage, even indoors. With a a wind, it’s like a sail. The kit I got came with a light stand and a boom arm made just for holding reflectors/diffusers – see the photos in my post. You can see it in action in the bottom of my post where I show some indoor shots. The stand has been really useful but to use it outdoors, I’d bring one or two sand bags (or any other weights available). That said, having an assistant is far easier!

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