At lunchtime, I like to get out of the office. Sometimes it’s difficult to do because I’m often busy and it seems more productive to stay at my desk, but I figure productivity goes up when you’re not sick of work. Forcing myself to take an hour to clear my head is a good way to prevent that overworked feeling. I just wish my boss would take hers as well – it makes me look bad when she works through lunch and I go out. 🙂

The new Ottawa Congress Centre - from my perch at the NAC (It was nice enough to sit outdoors today!)

Over the past few years, I’ve set up a routine of taking a break to read on my lunch hour – and all summer long, that’s what I did. This year, I found a great spot – on the grounds of the national Arts Centre (NAC), on a quiet patio overlooking the Rideau Canal, and well away from the noise of the traffic and the distracting bustle of tourists. It was sweet. From this vantage point, I’ve been able to watch the progress being made on the new Ottawa Congress Centre as they’ve applied the glass to the front of the building. And I even had a few noon-hour naps out there for good measure.

But now I face the need to find a new spot to sit and read. It’s getting too cold to hang out outside. In previous years, I’ve simply used a quiet stairwell in the basement of my office building, but it’s so dreary there. I want to find a new spot. But I also know that, once the snow flies, I’m not going to don my coat, scarf, gloves, and boots just to find a comfortable seat. For the past week or two, I’ve taken to wandering over to the NAC, but sitting indoors in their foyer. Plenty of space and pretty quiet during the day. But I know those days are numbered and I’ll be back in the dungeon soon.

I hate winter.


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  1. Yeah, Winter sucks. It can take its time arriving. What are you reading these days?

    • RoC(k)r says:

      I’m reading The Girl who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest – but as an audio book – so it doesn’t really matter that I find a place to sit, per se. I could just walk around downtown if I wanted to.

  2. Freedom Smith says:

    Uggg. Too bad there is no coffee house or library very close to where you work. A stairwell sounds very uncomfortable to me. Are there other floors in your building? Do any of them have sofas in waiting rooms? That might be an option.

    • RoC(k)r says:

      No, my building is pretty sparse. There are coffee shops nearby, but that’s a bit too far, plus I don’t necessarily want to pay for a coffee. Too bad I don’t live somewhere like Montreal – the downtown area is all interconnected with underground tunnels. Then I wouldn’t have to go outside in the winter to find another reading area.

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