I really don’t have many hobbies; not, at least, based on my concept of what constitutes a hobby.

  • I have pass-times: Video games are great time-wasters, but I think of a hobby as being constructive (like scrap booking, or knitting) and there’s nothing constructive about video games
  • I have Interests: Learning design software, for instance – which builds on my “talent” – is also professional development
  • I have passions: Music, primarily – I would spend hours listening to music if I had more quiet time to spare. And no, video games don’t cut into music-time. I can’t listen to music when I’m too tired or else I just fall asleep. That’s when video games are useful. (Incidentally, cooking and film fall under this category as well.)
  • I have practice: I don’t consider piano-playing to be a hobby – that’s a bit dismissive for something that stems from my passion.

I’d say my only real hobby is photography, but even that doesn’t stir me.

I’m a fair-weather photographer. I use a camera when it’s warm, or when I’m traveling. I won’t just grab a camera and wander the streets of Ottawa looking at familiar sights from new angles. I don’t read books about photography, preferring to just “pick it up as I go.”

Junkii is much more passionate about photography. He reads books and tries new things. He thinks to bring the camera whenever he leaves the house. Most of the good photos you see on our site are from him. Then again, he’s a visual person.

I’m an aural person. And I’m really not sure how many aural hobbies there are. Hence my difficulty with this question.


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  1. Freedom Smith says:

    If you are an aural person, then I would think that listening to music would be a wonderful hobby. And you do have other things you enjoy but they don’t fit into the definition that you are using for hobby. The definition I found said that a hobby is: an activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation and not as a main occupation.

    With that definition, I would say that gaming, listening to music, or some of the other things you mentioned would certainly qualify as hobbies.

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