The Poster for This Year's Wig Party

Five years, already?! Wow. Time flies.

When we first had the idea to start an Ottawa-based wig party – the original idea came from a friend in Toronto who has hosted about 10 of them – we were house-party neophytes. In fact, we didn’t even own a house at the time – the first one was an apartment party.

But after five years of party-prepping, we can tell you that house parties are a huge amount of work. This is a sincere thank you to anyone who has ever organized a party we’ve attended. We know what you’ve been through: prepping the house (moving furniture), organizing the food (cooking and shopping in the days leading up to the do), entertaining on the night of the party (making sure everyone has a drink and someone to chat with), not to mention the clean-up – which always takes a lot longer than expected.

The wig party has its own special hell – Prizes – which are a pain to plan and to shop for, but they’re also a lot of fun on the night of the party. And they give our guests a goal to strive for – be it biggest hair, best ensemble, most creative, or most natural. And five years on, people are still laughing at our lame prizes and our even lamer jokes – so we must be doing something right.

Yup, we’ve learned a lot about hosting, over the last half decade:

  • We need a bigger house. Yeah, people make do in our little chicken coop, but every year, we top out at about 40 guests, give or take – and even that can get pretty crowded. Sometimes, people move upstairs, where we always set up a second sitting area, but a bigger house with multiple rooms would be better for the scale of house party we ultimately want to throw. Still, that’s not gonna stop us from trying!
  • We have wonderful friends. Yes, we knew this fact before our first Wig Party, but it’s always humbling to see all your best mates gathered together in one place. It’s the greatest feeling to be surrounded by the people we love and that love us.
  • We Both love to Entertain. It’s another reason Junkii and I are so well suited to one another. We always knew we enjoyed hosting our various circles of friends separately, but it was always worrisome to pull those various circles together in one place. We need never have worried. Everyone is so social, it makes hosting a pleasure.
  • The Weather on the Saturday before Halloween will ALWAYS be bad. One of these years it would be nice if we could have unseasonably warm temperatures so that people could gather on our back deck. That certainly didn’t happen last night! Snow in October?! Touché, Mother Nature. Maybe we should plan a house party in August instead.

Yes, we complain, but you know what? It’s all worth it – to be surrounded by friends and family. So, thanks to all for five fabulous years of wigdom. You’ve made us two very happy hosts.

Enough! Time for some pics from last night’s event. To see ALL the photos, you’ll need to go to our new SmugMug account – but here are a select few to whet your appetite.

Annie spent more than three hours applying acrylic body paint – a level of commitment that, justly, earned her the prize for best Ensemble. But there were tons of great costumes in competition this year. People really went all out.

Maciej as a Ghostly Aristocrat won the biggest Hair award, and Sylvain as Gandalf the Grey walked away with the prize for Time Traveler.

Your humble hosts say 'thanks for the nifty party!'

Mom turned up as a pregnant nun. Very clever, Sister Mary!

Anthony as white trash, and Monique as a sexy matador.

Faery Krista's wings were a big hit (i.e. they hit a lot of people), and Steve came dressed as Death (or a peanut, which, given his nut allergy, is all the same to him.) Maybe next year we can add a 'most ironic' category.

Too bad they had to leave early - Jeff and Nigel's coach and wrestler might have won best ensemble. Maybe we should add a category for best couple costume.

Shannon got the votes for most realistic in her portrayal of MJ. Nice Nose, Shannon!

Jenn the Gypsy, Danielle the Burlesque performer, and Gaby - who had a strong showing in the time traveller category as a '70s disco queen.


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  1. jandjsmum says:

    Looks like a hell of alot of fun…….wish I could have been there

  2. […] year for the past five years our friends Rockr and Junkii have had a Wig Party for Halloween.  Your admission in the door is a wig on your head – or […]

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