Full moon in the morning

Yes, it sucks that winter is coming. And yes, the Rideau Canal looks pretty dismal, now that they’ve drained it and you can see the accumulation of summer garbage – bicycles, chairs, open umbrellas…I’m not making anything up, by the way.

Yes, it’s depressing. However…

With the water now so shallow, the water fowl have taken up temporary residence and have been scavenging the canal bed for yummy morsels. But they look so silly while doing it, that it makes me smile every day on my walk to work. All I see are dozens of geese and ducks tipping over with their white butts in the air as they reach for…well, whatever it is they eat.


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  1. I could watch ducks for hours 🙂 it never fails to make me giggle when they plop upside down with their bums in the air. Geese are even funnier because they have even larger backsides. Full moon indeed!

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