We’ve been doing our homework. In preparation for the latest installment of harry Potter, we’ve been re-watching the entire film series this week.

Perhaps “homework” is a bit misleading, at least where I’m concerned. I don’t really need much reminding about the plot lines; I’ve read the books and seen the films enough to remember the key points. But Junkii will be the first to tell you he can’t keep pop culture in his head. He has a hard enough time remembering the ongoing storylines of Glee from week to week, let alone a film series with year-long breaks in between installments.

So every time a new film comes out, we go through the series as a reminder. The side benefit for me is that I get re-immersed in the wizarding world, and eager for the latest release.

We borrowed the first five films from our Friends S&K on Saturday, and we polished those off last night. Now we just need to get our hands on the Half Blood Prince and we’ll be ready for the main event.

We’ll probably splurge and buy full-price tix rather than try to compete with the hordes for seats on Cheap-O-Tuesdays. Ideally, we’d wait until the crowds die down a bit, but it would be a shame to let this homework trickle out of Junkii’s brain before we make it to the theatre. So we’ll probably look at taking in a screening either this weekend or during the coming week.

Just wish it wasn’t so long until the final film is released. We’ll likely have to do this all over again in June.


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