These days, I wake up in the morning, groan, and try feverishly to figure out a way to avoid having to go to the office. In part, this is because the weather is cold, the morning is dark, and my bed is warm and cozy. But there’s more to it. Work has become unbearable.

It’s not my usual work that’s causing this sense of dread – I’m still quite fond of my communications work. Rather, it’s because my colleague in IT has had to take extended medical leave, and I, being the next most tech-savvy in the office (a sad state of affair when I’m considered tech-savvy), have been tasked with looking after emergent IT situations.

This happened once before, but as I recall, my other colleagues didn’t require much help at the time. It was kind of a cakewalk compared to this time. This time, as soon as my IT colleague left, our internet went down and remained down for about two days before our IT contractor (external help that we pay for when we can’t fix the problem ourselves) sorted out the trouble.

It was a rough start to my period as IT substitute, and it didn’t end there. Since then, I’ve had someone at my office door with a problem almost constantly. I’ve pretty much given up on actually getting any of my communications work done – which is not really an option, but I can only do so much.

So these days, I brood on my way to work in the morning, knowing that someone is gonna grab me for help as soon as I enter the front door.

Confidential to my colleague: D, I know you’re gonna read this, and I don’t blame you at all – you need to get your medical issues sorted, and I’m glad I can support you in this way. But I’ll be one happy fellow in a few weeks when you’re back in the office and things get back to normal.

I just hope I don’t fall too far behind on my own work before then.


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  1. jandjsmum says:

    I thought this statue was going to be one of those hidden gems you found in Ottawa….I really like it! As for your situation, big dislike there…..sorry you have to deal with that…….HUGS!

  2. Freedom Smith says:

    Oh, that is so difficult when you have your work and the work of another person to also do, especially when that means you become the problem solver. I am sure that is not fun and you will be very glad to get back to your communications job. I love the picture you posted with this post. I have been feeling like that picture, lately, too.

    • RoC(k)r says:

      Yeah, sorry to hear about your MRSA infection. Ive had colleagues that have had to deal with that and it’s no laughing matter. Hope you’re feeling better and get back to blogging soon, Freedom.

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