I’ve been trying to remember to carry my iPhone with me when I work out, but I’m a forgetful fellow. I often leave it in my locker by mistake. Because of that, I’ve taken to placing my phone on the bench – beside my water bottle – while I change into workout gear, with the intent of grabbing it when I head to the workout area.

The other day, I was running late for a group fitness class and so wasn’t paying close attention to my phone. I rushed to get ready and then swept out f the change room to grab a spot in the fitness studio. It was only after I got my equipment set up that I realized I didn’t bring my phone with me.

What’s worse, I couldn’t remember if I had left it on the bench.

My heart started to race as I sprinted back to my locker. Nothing on the bench. But when I opened my locker, I couldn’t find it either – not on the top shelf and not in my jacket pocket, where I usually keep it.

My heart sank and I started to panic. Had I left it on the bench only to have some bastard steal it?

I looked through my jacket pockets again – nothing. My gym bag – nothing. Finally, I checked my pants pockets and was relieved to find it there. I must have tucked it in my front pocket in my haste when I arrived at the gym’s front desk and had to show my membership card.

It was a huge relief (even if the adrenaline rush made for a tough workout).

You know, I’ve never been a fan of Cell Phones – I’ve had one for years, but never really paid it much attention – but wow, I’ve really grown attached to my iPhone.

That afternoon, I placed a password on my phone – which has proven to be a nuisance when I want quick access to iTunes, but it’s a good precaution nonetheless – and signed up for MobileMe’s “Find my iPhone” service (which lets me track it with a web browser).



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  1. Freedom Smith says:

    That is really cool that they have, “Find my phone.” I did not know that. I cannot tell you how many times we have misplaced phones, when they are on vibrate, so we cannot even call to find them. Uggg. My son’s phone was stolen from his locker, so I am glad yours was in your pocket!

    • RoC(k)r says:

      Leaving my valuables in my locker is scary. I’ve had lockers broken into before. I have a good lock, but if someone is determined, there’s not much you can do. At least this way, they won’t get my phone. I should really carry my wallet with me too.

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