The top of our pillar was just shattered.

Gah! Holiday stress has reached a new level – and this time it has nothing to do with Christmas. Oh sure – our Christmas shopping remains largely undone, but we still have a couple of weeks. That’s easily rectified. This new stress is not.

On Tuesday, just after lunch, a van from a local furniture store – making a delivery to our new neighbour in the condo (renters, not owners) – ploughed right into one of the two brick pillars that frame the entrance to our condo courtyard. They knocked the pillar over, destroying it and leaving it partially blocking our visitor parking spot. This promised to turn into a big pain in the ass for me – El Presidente.

First of all, the pillar was topped with a street lamp, and the wires were now exposed where they emerged out of the ground. The electricity would need to be cut off and the wires capped before the debris could be removed. I fully expected to have to deal with each of these issues – and to fight to get the furniture company to pay for it.

I stressed about it all evening and all morning, but I couldn’t really do anything until I got some info from the new neighbour. Luckily, they had the presence of mind to get the driver’s particulars. Even more luckily, they’ve been extraordinarily helpful.

This morning they contacted the retailer to have the mess cleaned up. When they were told the moving company (a sub-contractor) would be responsible and would call them soon about this issue, they waited patiently until 1pm. At that point, they drove to the furniture outlet to speak with someone in person. The receptionist put them on the phone with the trucking company, who arranged for their handyman, Bill, to meet them back at the condo. Bill was very efficient and called an electrician to come cap the wires – which happened at 3pm.

He also agreed to remove the brick and to cover the pillar until spring when it can be rebuilt.

Tomorrow, Bill will come with a truck and sledgehammer to remove the pillar. Few of the bricks are salvageable, and this particular colour of brick is no longer available. Bad news, right? Well, Bill has gone one better. He’s pushing for approval to erect TWO identical pillars come spring – AND he’s bringing a bricklayer along to determine the feasibility of rebuilding in winter.

This morning I was quite stressed about the whole ting, but thanks to a professional attitude from the moving company (and to our new neighbours – we’ll have to invite them over for a cocktail), this is really starting to resolve nicely.

Still, I suppose you have to find humour in things – like the fact that the furniture company whose van knocked down our brick pillar is a company named “The Brick.”

It's now blocking our visitor's parking spot.

If they can't rebuild this winter, we'll need to mark the spot so the snow removal crew doesn't run the plow over the wires!


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  1. Krista says:

    I completely forgot when you told us about this that you were El Presidente! So glad that everything’s going smoothly so far. Too funny that it was “the Brick” 😉

  2. jandjsmum says:

    Holy hell…..that sucks…..Im sorry you have to deal with this but sounds like its actually running quite well for you Mr. President…….And I have to say that I laughed out loud when you said it was The Brick doing the delivery….I guess you can also be thankful that your renters didn’t use Al’s Used Furniture Shop……

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