Champagne, anyone?

Gosh, how old are we?! Time was, come New Year’s Eve, we’d find a hip club, buy ourselves a new outfit, and pay the exorbitant entry fee for a night of dancing to music that, really, was no different than the music they played any other night (Come on, this is Ottawa, after all – not Montreal or Toronto).

Or, a few years later, we’d get all dressed up again, but for an evening at a nice restaurant – featuring a limited menu at special (read “higher”) prices – with a large group of friends; assuming, of course, that we had had the foresight to make reservations weeks prior, because every restaurant wanted to squeeze in as many people as possible in two or three sittings and if you didn’t plan ahead, there was little hope of even finding a good spot to eat.

All photos courtesy of K - Thanks, sweetie!

NYE is always stressful. It’s built up to make us feel like we have to be doing something special when midnight chimes. But what it comes down to, in the end, is that it’s just fun to hang out with friends. It doesn’t need to be a high-maintenance dress-up affair.

Our problem (if you can call it that) is that we have a bunch of different group of friends – and we love to hang out with all of them, but they don’t all know each other. Maybe another year, we should just throw a NYE bash at home – like our Wig Party – and just invite everyone. That might be fun sometime. But it didn’t happen this year. This year, we chose to spend it with our friends from the gym – no offence intended to the rest of you, we love you all!

Chips on the bed?

We tried something different. Rather than gather at one of our houses – from which party-goers would be forced to get themselves home on a night when taxi cabs are at a premium – we all agreed that it would be wise to rent a room or two at a hotel (with a pool and a hot tub!) and just drink and lounge about in our jammies. It worked out perfectly…more or less.

  • The Pool/Hot Tub combination was a great idea in theory, but the pool area was crowded with young boisterous children. I was wondering if there aren’t any hotels that cater to people aged 25+. Junkii said, “they’re called bathhouses.”
  • The hot tub also contributed to us losing one of our numbers early in the evening – a consequence of plunging oneself in the hot water after arriving unfed and with strong drink in-hand. Let this be a warning, Jenn, to prepare yourself next time. Thankfully, you had recovered around midnight in time for the champagne.
  • Lightweight!

    The food was a bit too indulgent. We ordered our food delivered (so no need for a high-end restaurant with high-end couture) but we had also prepared with plenty of unhealthy snacks (sweets, chips, what have you) that left a few of us over-full by bedtime.

Everything else went according to plan – including the hangovers, which delivered in spades. Next morning’s greasy breakfast was a welcome topper to a fantastic evening. And we all went home to greet the Advil bottle and sleep some more.

Happy New Year!


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  1. jandjsmum says:

    Looks like alot of fun! Happy gnu ear you two

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