Junkii mustered all his composure as we went to confront Novotel about the additional charges. They were indeed for the minibar, as expected. He kept calm as he told the reception desk about the additional charges and explained that nothing from the fridge was actually removed from the room.

The clerk’s initial reaction was defensive – this looked like a clear-cut case to him – but Junkii’s level head and firm but polite tone made it clear that we weren’t leaving without the charges being reversed.

Off he trotted to consult some report or other and, when he came back, he did apologize for the billing error and provided us with a revised invoice, promising to reverse the charges on our visa.


In fairness, $160 is a bit steep for the contents of a little fridge. The room only cost $150 for heaven’s sake! Still, it’s a good lesson, both for ourselves and for anyone reading this: Don’t fuck with the minibar.


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  1. jandjsmum says:

    So glad it all worked out! Way to go Junkii for keeping calm.

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