I'm hearted byt the fact that it's called an "auto-billing minibar." Perhaps they just forgot to halt the charges.

Uh-oh. Looks like we might have made a booboo during our overnight at Novotel. The Visa bill is showing an extra $160+ charge from the hotel – most likely for the minibar.

We’re seasoned enough travelers to know enough not to eat or drink for the minibar – give us SOME credit – but it looks like even removing items from the fridge might have led to the unwanted charges. There must be sensors under the cans, which we removed to make space for our own drinks. Of course, we replaced everything before checking out of the hotel, but that doesn’t seem to have sat right with hotel management.

They did ask us, when we checked out, if we took anything from the minibar. We explained that we had removed stuff for space reasons, but that we put it all back. The reception desk gave no indication at the time that they would charge us (Shouldn’t they have at least given us that courtesy?) so we assumed all was right with the world.

Never assume.

Who knows – maybe the charge is for something unrelated, but I can’t see what else it might be. We’ll need to drop by the hotel this evening to get it sorted. Certainly if we DO have to pay for it, we’re at least going to get the contents of the fridge. 🙂


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  1. muggs says:

    Oh Crap! I’ve challenged this before, and they reversed the charges.

  2. jandjsmum says:

    HOLY CRAP!That sucks! You could have had fun for $160……they had better let you keep the contents!

  3. Krista says:

    When we were in Las Vegas I saw a sign on the mini-bar stating that if we removed stuff from the fridge or put any of our items in it we’d be charged. It sucked because we had wanted to get morning snack foods like yogurt since we were there for a week and couldn’t because of the set-up. I hope they reverse the charges!

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