Whew! That was a close call!

I’ve been doing step aerobics for nine years now. And in that time, I’ve been lucky enough not to have sustained any major injuries. I’ve caused some – Junkii and I collided once in a way that caused him some foot damage that lasted a few weeks – but I’ve never felt the pain of a poorly-placed foot… until now.

Yesterday, nearing the end of a class, I took a mis-step and my ankle went madly off in all directions. Well, maybe not “madly,” but it sure hurt like the dickens. It could have been a lot worse, though.

After taking a few seconds to recompose, I was able to finish the class – at a reduced intensity. I’ve twisted my ankle before, outside of the gym, so I know how painful it can be when it’s a serious injury. This was something I was able to walk off, thankfully, but it was enough to give me a fright.

I’m getting ready for a trip that’s going to involve some major hiking. Now’s not the time to get all gimpy!

My ankle is still a little tender today, and I’m not going to the gym tonight. I’ll need to keep myself injury free for the next little while, or this trip is gonna wind up being a disaster.


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  1. jandjsmum says:

    BE CAREFUL! Dont F up this trip of yours!

  2. muggs says:

    Dude, I hiked for nine hours with Shree Ram while recovering with a bum knee and a broken toe – awesome scenery does wonders to keep your mind off injuries. However, if you can get a referral from your doc to see a physiotherapist or a sports doc, they can show you how to tape your ankle to reduce strain on the injury, in the event that it doesn’t heal before your trip.

    • RoC(k)r says:

      I probably made it sound worse than it is (I think it was my choice of graphic) – It’s really only slightly sore when I try to mimic the direction the foot went.Otherwise, it’s fine. Might be good to learn about taping injuries though, just for the knowledge.

  3. Eek! Close call. Glad it’s not a serious injury.

    My arms have been recovering all week from our Sunday BodyPump with you guys. Today’s the first day I could straighten them completely! Guess I pushed a little too hard. I know for next time.

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