Our thermostat is set to drop the house temperature during the day (when we’re at work) down to 17C. Who cares, right? We’re not there and we may as well save on our heating bill.

Well, when it’s -30C outside, bringing the heat back up to a livable temperature takes a bit longer. In fact last night, the temperature in the house had dropped to 16 by the time I got home (5pm), and by the time Junkii came home from his Monday night group (8:30), the temperature had only climbed to 19 – and THAT was with the fireplace going!

I hate winter.

This coming summer I’m resolving to do two things:

  1. Look into replacing our fireplace with a high-efficiency replacement – something that burns wood more efficiently and puts out more heat rather than letting it escape up the chimney.
  2. Undertake an energy audit to see what steps we can take to start getting some better insulation into our walls and attic and how we can cut down on the drafts.

Our heating system – electric baseboards – is already woefully inefficient and the cause of some big energy bills. The firewood helps, but clearly steps are needed if we’re to make life in Ottawa more bearable.


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  1. Eep! That’s not warm enough at all! Because we’re home all the time, warmth is just not something we’re willing to sacrifice – I’ll save money any other way over having to reduce the temperature. My stepdad and I used to have thermostat wars in my early teenage years. It’s just something I’m unwilling to compromise on 😉 Just remind yourself that soon we’ll be in sunny, hot and dry Africa!

    • RoC(k)r says:

      Yeah, but we’re also visiting some highland locations and it might get chilly at night there too.
      We’ve always known our house has winter warming problems – and we live with it, but I’m sure there are some steps we can take to make it better.

  2. Steve says:

    Our furnace has been running a lot more with the recent cold temperatures. When it gets cold in our house, I just hide out (err, I mean work) in my “machine room” full of computer. It’s typically a few degrees warmer than the rest of the house.

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