I’m dragging my @$$ today – and I place the blame squarely on our friendly group fitness instructors.

Yes, they were just doing their job, but when their job results in me not being able to lift my arms overhead because my shoulders are too sore, I have a problem with that. When I can’t sit on the toilet because my butt cheeks hurt, that’s an issue. When it takes me 40 minutes to shuffle my way to the office because I’m too tired to lift my feet, well you get the picture.

Clearly, sometime during the two Step classes, the BodyPump class, and the Yin Yoga session we did this week, I got hexed.

Oh sure, it could be that I’m just out of shape because we were away on holidays for 4 weeks, but I like to lay blame. I mean, come on – we climbed mountains in Ethiopia! How is it that I’m still breathing heavy after a 1-hour cardio class?!

No, it’s clearly some evil voodoo that the instructors learned while we were away. That seems the most likely cause.


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