I was never into boy bands, so it’s not a big shock that I had never taken much notice of Take That. Back when they New Kids on the Block were making a name for themselves in North America, I gather Take That was doing the same thing in the UK. I dismissed them out of hand as the same old same old.

Well, maybe I was a bit rash. They have a new single on the Euro charts featuring former (now current) bandmate Robbie Williams. The song, “The Flood” is good, and definitely different from your standard pop song. In fact, I could hear the Muse doing amazing things with a track like this – if they were of a mind to.

I shouldn’t be too shocked. Take That‘s last album also featured an interesting song – Up All Night – that put me in mind of Queen (without Freddie’s amazing voice, of course). But today’s earworm is their new song. I might have to double check the rest of the album, just to be sure it’s a fluke and that the rest is gonna be garbage.

What’s Your Earworm?


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