Our sofa is getting old. Junkii and I have been together over 10 years now, so our couch must be pushing 8 at least. How long do these things normally last? 10-12 years? It’s still a damn comfortable divan for its age though, and we’re not looking forward to replacing it (nor to shelling out the thousand clams that a new Davenport will likely cost us).

So it was with sadness that I arrived home on Friday to Junkii’s cries of woe, “We have a problem!” And I climbed the stairs just in time to find him sopping up a latté off our chaise longue. I was certain that the (disgusting) smell of coffee would be forever embedded in the cushions of our couch. “Oh well,” I said resignedly, “at least it’s a coffee coloured couch.”

But he was patient. He soaked up what he could and then removed the cushion covers to let them dry. The foam underneath had barely been touched – so we at least had that in our favour. But we were still stumped with how to get the rest of the stain out.

Our immediate thought went to dry cleaners, and then to steam cleaners – we even called Sears – but then Junkii did a bit more research, checking out the manufacturer’s website, and all signs suggested that washing the microfiber covers in baby shampoo on the gentle cycle would do the trick. So we took a chance, and the stains (and the stink) all disappeared!

I put the settee back together last night and we were back to our usual couch potato ways by the time the evening drew to a close.

That still doesn’t mean we don’t need to hire steam cleaners to do our carpets and our other furniture – but at least we can put it off a few more months.


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  1. Krista says:

    Wow! I’m glad (and impressed!) that it came out! Do you have to clean and steam clean your carpets and other furniture because they’re covered in coffee?? or do you just mean in general?

    • RoC(k)r says:

      Just in general – especially where our heads rest on the cushions. It’s a bit oily. And the carpets are just dirty from years of wear. The coffee only hit the two main cushions – and that’s been cleaned up – so we got lucky there.

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