100 Foot Line

100 Foot Line by artist Roxy Paine.

I’ve been meaning for a while now to get back to my occasional exploration of the public works of art scattered throughout Ottawa. Turns out that snowy winters aren’t the best time to try to capture images of outdoor artwork. So there’s a bit of a gap between this Lost Artefacts post and the last one.

And actually, to call this piece of artwork “lost” is probably stretching it a bit. Yes, it’s hidden behind the National Gallery, but at over 30 metres high, it’s hard to ignore if you do catch a glimpse of it. And it’s definitely worth seeking out if you haven’t yet had the opportunity. It’s a beautiful piece from far away, but imposing and foreboding from up close.

As for my own interpretation (remember, I’m no expert), I know that this is part of the artist’s series involving trees made out of industrial materials – in this case, stainless steel. And since the branches have disappeared from the tree, I’d wager this is a statement about nature being lost to the unnatural and industrial world we humans have made for ourselves.

The Gallery has some interesting information about the piece, including one short video showing how it was installed, and another showing some of the artist’s other works.

100 foot Line - from below.



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  1. jandjsmum says:

    I really like this piece…..and it boggles my mind on how exactly it stays standing.

    • RoC(k)r says:

      I KNOW! And the installation video shows that it really doesn’t have a very big footprint. Of course, it also has very little area that will catch the wind. So maybe that’s all that’s needed.

      Do you yell timberrrr when something like that falls over?

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