I’ve been totally immersed in Broadway show tunes lately. I blame Glee. The last few weeks of their season featured Kurt and Rachel both belting out some big Broadway ditties. It’s made me want to see and hear more shows.

To that end, Junkii and I found a local production of Cole Porter’s Anything Goes being mounted by a local theatrical troupe – Suzart Productions. The performance was actually pretty good. Singing, acting, and set design were all very good for a semi-pro troupe. The show was let down in the end by bad sound engineering and some poor orchestra work. But for $20 it was a fun evening’s entertainment, and we may go see their next season’s productions of Hairspray and The King and I if they switch venues.

Still, amateur musicals are no match for the real thing, and what I’ve had in my head today (well, for a few weeks now, actually) is a song sung by a real Broadway superstar: Patti Lupone. The song is “Some People” from the musical Gypsy (yet another show I’ve never seen).


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