That’s right – both Junkii and I have succumbed to the world of micro-blogging. We’ve started tweeting. Well, why not? It’s just an extension of this big, bulky, old-school blog and the ever-popular Facebook.

We have no intention of quitting either of those platforms, but Twitter offers something a bit different. It’s not just daily minutiae about what people are eating or when they brush their teeth – despite regular accusations by non-users. Rather, when it’s used well, it’s about sharing information on topics of interest.

So I might follow people that talk about food in Ottawa – and the benefit is that I find out about restaurants and food events in town that I wouldn’t necessarily come across on my own. And it gets delivered right to my phone!

Beyond that, I kind of needed to start to understand Twitter because I’m in the communications field, and it’s definitely a technology I need to be able to use comfortably. I had run from it for far too long already.

Of course, Twitter has involved a lot of set up – trying to figure out who to follow has been tricky – and we both have a long way to go on that front, but it’s a gradual process. The end result will be that, by sharing what we know and what we find, all users are made a little bit smarter. Plus it let’s us do some shameless self-promotion of our blog, but mostly it’s that making-you-smarter thing.

Incidentally, you can follow us on Twitter using the links in the sidebar.


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  1. jandjsmum says:

    Im not so sure of this thing……I did create an account, but to be honest, I was doing to to test out twittering from another project that Ive been working on- fruganation. Ive been trying to figure out if I twitter from fruganation, how it comes over to an end user etc….so you might see some odd stuff that I posted. Just ignore that stuff- I was mucking it up…….I doubt Im going to be very interesting on twitter.

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